Cities in Egypt

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Cities in Egypt by population list

Name Population Area, km2 Region
Cairo 9,513,330 528 Cairo Governorate
Giza 5,598,402 187 Giza Governorate
Alexandria 4,870,000 2679 Alexandria Governorate
Shubra El-Kheima 1,025,569 270.68 Qalyubia Governorate
Mansoura 960,423 25 Dakahlia Governorate
El-Mahalla El-Kubra 543,271 n/a Gharbia Governorate
Port Said 524,433 1351 Port Said Governorate
Suez 516,959 250.4 Suez Governorate
10th of Ramadan City 500,000 384.45 Al Sharqia Governorate
Tanta 429,503 n/a Gharbia Governorate
Asyut 389,307 n/a Asyut Governorate
Zagazig 383,703 n/a Al Sharqia Governorate
Shuhada 358,486 n/a Monufia Governorate
Aswan 351,332 n/a Aswan Governorate
Faiyum 315,940 n/a Faiyum Governorate
Mataria 300,000 n/a Dakahlia Governorate
Ismailia 293,184 210 Ismailia Governorate
Tamiya 280,393 n/a Faiyum Governorate
Kafr el-Dawwar 262,748 n/a Beheira Governorate
Damanhur 244,043 n/a Beheira Governorate
Minya 236,043 n/a Minya Governorate
Damietta 206,664 n/a Damietta Governorate
Luxor 202,232 416 Luxor Governorate
Qena 201,191 n/a Qena Governorate
New Cairo 200,000 500 Cairo Governorate
Sohag 193,931 68 Sohag Governorate
Beni Suef 193,048 n/a Beni Suef Governorate
Shibin Al Kawm 177,112 n/a Monufia Governorate
Arish 164,830 n/a North Sinai Governorate
Hurghada 160,901 n/a Red Sea Governorate
Banha 157,701 n/a Qalyubia Governorate
6th of October City 154,093 217.49 Giza Governorate
Kafr el-Sheikh 147,393 n/a Kafr el-Sheikh Governorate
Desouk 143,404 n/a Kafr el-Sheikh Governorate
Bilbeis 141,285 n/a Al Sharqia Governorate
Mallawi 139,929 n/a Minya Governorate
Edfu 133,772 n/a Aswan Governorate
Sinnuris 125,905 n/a Faiyum Governorate
Mit Ghamr 121,039 n/a Dakahlia Governorate
Menouf 117,240 18.76 Monufia Governorate
Al-Hawamidiyya 113,128 n/a Giza Governorate
Faqous 111,532 n/a Al Sharqia Governorate
Abnub 108,858 n/a Asyut Governorate
Mersa Matruh 108,774 n/a Matrouh Governorate
Qalyub 106,804 n/a Qalyubia Governorate
Idku 105,875 n/a Beheira Governorate
Belqas 103,596 n/a Dakahlia Governorate
Girga 102,597 n/a Sohag Governorate
Akhmim 101,509 n/a Sohag Governorate
Abu Kabir 100,684 n/a Al Sharqia Governorate
Al Jamaliyah 97,682 n/a Dakahlia Governorate
Zefta 93,740 n/a Gharbia Governorate
Talkha 92,084 n/a Dakahlia Governorate
Samalut 91,475 n/a Minya Governorate
Badrshein 90,000 n/a Giza Governorate
Nasser 88,379 n/a Beni Suef Governorate
Tahta 85,528 n/a Sohag Governorate
Manfalut 82,585 n/a Asyut Governorate
Ashmoun 82,507 n/a Monufia Governorate
Beni Mazar 79,553 n/a Minya Governorate
Sadat City 79,000 625 Monufia Governorate
Hermonthis 76,457 n/a Qena Governorate
Kafr az Zayyat 76,413 n/a Gharbia Governorate
Maghagha 75,657 n/a Minya Governorate
Itsa 73,183 n/a Faiyum Governorate
Sharm el-Sheikh 73,000 n/a South Sinai Governorate
Kom Ombo 71,596 n/a Aswan Governorate
Abutig 70,969 n/a Asyut Governorate
Farshut 70,250 n/a Qena Governorate
Al Khankah 69,791 n/a Qalyubia Governorate
Cusae 69,388 n/a Asyut Governorate
Kerdasa 69,317 n/a Giza Governorate
Rosetta 68,947 n/a Beheira Governorate
Esna 68,656 n/a Qena Governorate
Dairut 67,788 n/a Asyut Governorate
Toukh 67,599 n/a Qalyubia Governorate
Manzala 67,486 n/a Dakahlia Governorate
Hihya 66,702 n/a Al Sharqia Governorate
Ptolemais Hermiou 65,484 n/a Sohag Governorate
Al Qurayn 64,453 n/a Al Sharqia Governorate
Awsim 63,862 n/a Giza Governorate
Abu Qirqas 63,264 6100 Minya Governorate
Dikirnis 62,177 n/a Dakahlia Governorate
Al Fashn 61,372 n/a Beni Suef Governorate
El-Kharga 60,584 n/a New Valley Governorate
Qus 60,068 n/a Qena Governorate
Minya El Qamh 60,000 n/a Al Sharqia Governorate
El Saff 59,348 n/a Giza Governorate
Biba 57,716 n/a Beni Suef Governorate
Samannud 57,177 n/a Gharbia Governorate
Minyat an Nasr 56,951 n/a Dakahlia Governorate
Basyoun 55,523 n/a Gharbia Governorate
Sherbin 54,785 n/a Dakahlia Governorate
Dishna 54,197 n/a Qena Governorate
Dijarb Nadzme 53,384 n/a Al Sharqia Governorate
Sirs El-Layan 52,653 n/a Monufia Governorate
Tala 51,498 n/a Monufia Governorate
Masztul as-Suk 48,709 n/a Al Sharqia Governorate
El Ghanayem 48,144 n/a Asyut Governorate
Sidi Salem 47,998 n/a Kafr el-Sheikh Governorate
El-Balyana 46,997 n/a Sohag Governorate
Matai 46,903 n/a Minya Governorate
Juhaynah 46,741 n/a Sohag Governorate
Al Hamool 45,798 n/a Kafr el-Sheikh Governorate
Nag Hammadi 45,038 n/a Qena Governorate
Itay El Barud 44,856 n/a Beheira Governorate
Abou El Matamer 44,415 n/a Beheira Governorate
Al Qanayat 42,912 n/a Al Sharqia Governorate
El-Badari 42,770 n/a Asyut Governorate
Quweisna 42,708 210 Monufia Governorate
Deir Mawas 40,640 n/a Minya Governorate
Abu Hammad 39,361 n/a Al Sharqia Governorate
Nabaruh 38,953 n/a Dakahlia Governorate
Daraw 38,400 n/a Aswan Governorate
El-Maragha 38,393 n/a Sohag Governorate
Sumusta 37,965 n/a Beni Suef Governorate
Al Wasta 37,916 n/a Beni Suef Governorate
Faraskur 36,850 n/a Damietta Governorate
El-bagour 36,633 n/a Monufia Governorate
Safaga 28,261 n/a Red Sea Governorate
EL-Quseir 24,344 n/a Red Sea Governorate
Kafr Saad 22,500 n/a Damietta Governorate
El Gouna 15,000 36.8 Red Sea Governorate
Dahab 4,479 n/a South Sinai Governorate
Nuweiba 2,898 n/a South Sinai Governorate
Soma Bay 2,646 n/a Red Sea Governorate
Obour 1,436 54 Qalyubia Governorate
Sahl Hasheesh 1,423 n/a Red Sea Governorate
Taba 800 n/a South Sinai Governorate
El-Hamam n/a n/a Matrouh Governorate
Qanatir el Qahiriya n/a n/a Qalyubia Governorate
Ad Dilinjat n/a n/a Beheira Governorate
Biyala n/a n/a Kafr el-Sheikh Governorate
El Qantara n/a n/a Ismailia Governorate
Dar el-Salam n/a n/a Sohag Governorate
Abou Homs n/a n/a Beheira Governorate
Hosh Essa n/a n/a Beheira Governorate
Fuwwah n/a n/a Kafr el-Sheikh Governorate
Tall al Kabir n/a n/a Ismailia Governorate
Shibin el-Qanater n/a n/a Qalyubia Governorate
Ibsheway n/a n/a Faiyum Governorate
Tima n/a n/a Sohag Governorate
Baltim n/a n/a Kafr el-Sheikh Governorate
El Senbellawein n/a n/a Dakahlia Governorate